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Turnkey Solutions
Turnkey Solutions

Because the electronics industry is experiencing increased competition & technological change, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) are focusing their resources on activities and technologies where they add the greatest value.

As electronic products have become more technologically advanced, internal manufacturing has required significantly increased investments for working capital, capital equipment, labor, systems, and infrastructure. HTI offers comprehensive, turnkey manufacturing services that allow OEM's to focus on their core competencies. Furthermore, HTI can enable OEM's to gain access to advanced, high volume manufacturing capabilities without making the capital investments required for internal production. As a turnkey manufacturing specialist, HTI is adept in the following areas of expertise:

HTI specialties include:
HTI's complex controllers and systems are subordinated by in-house engineering design & process capabilities, cabling and harness specialty, along with our unique in-house printed circuit assembly function. HTI's in-house engineering capabilities range from custom designed AC/DC power management, control, monitor, distribution, and supply systems to custom designed test systems. All of these capabilities are available to serve the diverse needs of our customer base.